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    What does the Urban Referral Network Program cover?

    Members of the Urban Referral Network program will get exclusive access to a database of the best skilled service providers within their local community.

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      How qualified are the service providers?

      ALL Urban Referral Network service providers are highly qualified for the job. Many of them are licensed tradespeople while the few unlicensed but qualified ones are classified as ‘handymen’ test.

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    How much do I have to pay every time I need to hire someone off Urban Referral Network database?

    Every time you hire from Urban Referral Network, you do so for free. Payments are made ONLY for membership and these payments are done once annually. However, membership is free for the first two years or More.

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      What is the annual membership fee for a Sponsoring Organization?

      Membership for the first two years is free. A small membership fee will be assessed after the initial two year membership.

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    What are the advantages of participating in the Urban Living Program?

    If your businesses participant the Urban Living program, you will enjoy significant access to an urban consumer market eager to patronize local establishments providing quality goods and services.

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      Can I still participate without being a member of a Community Organization?

      Yes, you can. Please contact us to get the necessary information and updates.

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    How can I be assured that the Urban Referral Network's participating businesses are reputable?

    We carry out a thorough background checks on ALL participating businesses for competitive and fair prices; quality of goods and services provided; customer service and for appropriate licenses, insurance etc. We will not indorse any businesses unless we have determined that the businesses/tradesperson is qualified and equipped to provide nothing less than the best in the quality of goods and services for our members.

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      How do I join a member Community Organization?

      URN partners consists of all types of organizations, they range from civic groups to churches, block clubs and sororities. If you cannot find one within your immediate environment, please contact us.

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    What advantages will I enjoy as a business owner?

    Participating businesses will enjoy higher customer patronage, higher returns and also take advantage of the goodwill that comes with the Urban Referral Network brand.

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      What advantages will I enjoy as an Urban Referral Network tradesperson?

      Being an accredited Urban Referral Network tradesperson means you get more exposure for your services, especially within your immediate community. Your financial earning will also increase and our "Quality Assurance" will let you enjoy the extra goodwill that comes with the Urban Referral Network brand.

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